Back in 2019, the United States repealed PASPA paving the way for each state to legalize betting. Since then, numerous states have legalized online sports betting and Oregon is one of them. However, this does mean that you’re exposed to a whole range of different betting sites, which makes it a little hard to determine where to play.

One of the best ways to compare sites is to look at the betting bonuses available. Some betting bonuses Oregon has to offer are better than others, and we’re here to help with that. Read on to discover all you need to know about betting bonuses in Oregon and get ready to claim one today.

How do bonuses on Oregon betting sites work?

Betting bonuses work in different ways depending on the bonus you’re using. For the most part, they either boost your bankroll or give you a risk-free way of testing out a new betting site or betting option. Essentially, they’re helping you to spread out your bankroll a little bit so that you don’t spend all of your own funds. Claiming these betting bonuses varies. We outline how to get one below.

However, as good as betting bonuses are, they always come with terms and conditions. This is to prevent you from simply accepting the bonus and then withdrawing it instantly without playing on the betting site. Understanding the terms and conditions is essential if you plan to use these betting bonuses well. First, there are wagering requirements. Also known as rollover or playthrough, this refers to the number of times you will need to bet the entirety of any winnings earned from a bonus. The lower this number is, the better and more achievable it is for you. These wagering requirements can be anything from 2x to 70x your win.

Other conditions commonly attached to bonuses include a minimum and maximum deposit amount. You will need to make sure your deposit is within any specified ranges otherwise the betting site will not give you the bonus. Some bonuses will also have maximum win caps in place. So, if you win more than this amount, you won’t be able to claim it which means betting carefully. Another common limitation with betting bonuses is that they will have specific odds requirements too. You may find that you’re not able to place a bet on anything with odds of less than -200 for instance. Additionally, there are usually expiration dates in place, so you will need to use the bonus before the time runs out or lose it all.

There are other conditions too, so it’s important to always check the terms before you sign up. Otherwise, you run the risk of having issues down the line.

Why you should claim a betting bonus in Oregon

Many players still don’t take on betting bonuses when they are offered. But that is a mistake. Betting bonuses in Oregon can really impact your online gaming. So, we’ve listed some of the top pros that come along with the top betting bonuses Oregon has to offer.

  • You get extra money to play with. A bankroll boost is a great way to start playing at any betting site. With some of the match deposit bonuses, more on that below, these boosts can be really helpful, extending the number of funds you have. Impressively, you can also actually win more money and make a profit. And that’s the case even if you didn’t make a real money deposit of your own. With the extra funds you’ve got, it’s also possible to experiment with larger bets too, and who knows, these might payout as well.
  • More time to play. Because you’ve had a bankroll boost, you can play for longer. Instead of running out of funds, you’ll have more to play with. You can continue playing with small bets too, to increase the amount of time you can spend playing and placing bets.
  • A chance to explore more games. The perfect time to try out alternative or unusual bets is when you make use of free bets. You can experiment with different sports that you might not usually bet on. Or, you can choose a different league or bet type too. If you usually stick to money lines, a free bet is a great way to try out the more complex parlay for instance. And, if you lose, you’re not really losing anything at all, and you’ve gained some experience along the way.
  • You can decide whether you like the sportsbook or not. Taking on some of the completely risk-free or no deposit bonuses is the best way to check out a site. You don’t have to risk your own funds, which makes it easy to go out and check what the site has to offer. Better still, if you don’t like the site, there’s nothing tying you to it as you haven’t yet put any of your own funds into it. It’s a great way to check out a number of different betting sites too, and, at the end of it, choose the one you like best. If you do win, that’s great, but if you don’t you’ve gained a whole lot of valuable experience.

Can you claim a betting bonus in Oregon if you deposit with crypto?

No, you cannot claim a betting bonus in OR when you deposit with crypto. And this is because none of the betting sites legally licensed and operating within the state borders can accept cryptocurrencies in any form. This means that even if you wanted to, it’s not possible. However, there are a number of offshore betting sites that do accept cryptocurrencies. These OR betting sites are not registered or licensed within the state though and operate under external or international jurisdictions. While they too offer bonuses, and these can be claimed by a crypto deposit, they’re not sites we recommend. In fact, we really suggest steering clear of them. If something should go wrong, you are not able to get help and could lose all your money through a site such as this.

Betting bonuses at OR betting sites: How to claim them

So, now you know all about betting bonuses in OR, it’s time you actually got your hands on some. Grabbing a bonus is actually not that hard at all. Follow the steps we’ve outlined below and those bonuses will be yours.

  1. You can choose a betting bonus from this page. Pick one of the OR sportsbooks we have listed here. These betting sites have been selected as they meet all our licensing requirements (they hold OR licenses), have strong sports selections, wide betting markets, and have diverse betting bonuses on offer. We only recommend that you play at the sites listed right here.
  2. Be sure to read the bonus terms and conditions. When looking at the betting bonuses offered by each OR sportsbook, you need to check what requirements are attached. This is because these requirements must be met if you intend to make a withdrawal of any subsequent winnings. Failing to meet the requirements will mean you are unable to claim those winnings.
  3. Create an account on the sportsbook’s website. After you have chosen which bonus you’d like, sign up to the site that offers it. Make sure that you fill out all the required details including your name, DOB, email, address, and so on. Accept any terms and conditions and then confirm your account.
  4. Start betting with the bonus code. Once your account is active, you will then be able to claim the bonus. However, the way you get it added to your account will depend on the bonus you’ve been given. Some bonuses will need a bonus code to activate them while others only require you to make the right minimum deposit. Still, others will need you to check an opt-in box during the sign-up process, while others will be completely automatic. Once the bonus is added, it’s time to pick your bets and play.

There are a whole lot of different betting bonuses in Oregon. Because of this, you do need to make sure you’re aware of what each of them offers. If you choose one bonus over another, you may find that it’s not to your taste. With that in mind, here are some of the more popular betting bonuses Oregon has on offer. Take a look and see if one of these appeals to you.

  • No deposit bonus: This is one of the more popular options among players, but is becoming increasingly hard to find online. Its popularity stems from the fact that this type of bonus is a completely risk-free bet. Usually applied as a welcome offer, all you need to do is make an account with a new Oregon online gambling site and a small cash deposit will be made to your account. This means you can then test out a couple of different bets and the sportsbook as a whole without ever spending your own funds. Better still, if you win, you can earn real money and make a profit too.
  • Matched deposit bonus: One of the most common bonuses out there, this is often found as part of a welcome offer. To claim this bonus, you will need to make a deposit of your own funds on the betting site. This deposit is then matched by the sportsbook, usually 100% so that you have double the money to play with. These bonuses usually match high amounts — it can be as much as $1000 match — which means they can be really lucrative when boosting your bankroll.
  • Sign up bonus: These days, every sportsbook will offer a sign up bonus of some kind. The offer itself will vary but tends to be a match deposit bonus or a risk-free bet. Sometimes the betting bonus in Oregon will be a combination of the two. However the bonus is provided, it’s a very good idea to accept it as it will enable you to play for longer and spend less of your own money.
  • Free bet bonus: Not to be confused with a risk-free bet, a free bet is a small bet awarded to your account. There’s no need to make a deposit to claim. It can be awarded as part of a sign up bonus or as a loyalty reward to regular players. This type of bonus is small and commonly attached to a specific sporting event to encourage you to bet on it. It’s therefore somewhat restrictive, but if you win, you’ve earned money from spending nothing.


Do all Oregon sportsbooks offer betting bonuses?

Yes, all Oregon sportsbooks do offer betting bonuses as they want to compete with the other sites. By offering betting bonuses Oregon sportsbooks will stand out from the others. In particular, you will find sign up or welcome bonuses at all sportsbooks in OR and we have a list of the best ones right here.

Can I claim a betting bonus several times at the same sportsbook in OR?

No, you cannot claim the same betting bonus numerous times at the same site. This is because betting bonuses are usually there as individual offers. In particular, this is the case when it comes to offers for new players. However, some reload bonuses can be claimed multiple times. It's really a case of checking the terms and conditions to see what the bonus allows.

Are there any minimum amounts I need to deposit to get an OR betting bonus?

Yes, usually there are minimum deposits in place when claiming a betting bonus in Oregon. The sportsbook will outline these clearly though so that you can make the required deposit and claim the bonus. If you do not meet the minimum deposit requirement, then you won't be able to claim the bonus.