In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about online sportsbooks in Oregon. Find out which alternatives are available, together with some useful tips when you want to bet on sports using an online bookie.

Best online sportsbooks in Oregon

DraftKings sportsbook Oregon Best sportsbook for live betting
PointsBet sportsbook Oregon Best sportsbook for welcome bonuses
FanDuel sportsbook Oregon Best sportsbook for beginners
BetRivers sportsbook Oregon Best sportsbook for parlay wagering
BetMGM sportsbook Oregon Best sportsbook for live streaming

DraftKings sportsbook Oregon

Draftkings is the official online sportsbook in Oregon that has partnered up with the Oregon Lottery. DraftKings is one of the most popular DFS sites around, and they have been offering sports betting since 2018. They offer both in-game wagering and live betting on all major US sports. In addition to DraftKings’ games, they also offer the games of FanDuel and BetStars. You can play almost any sport on any platform at DraftKings in Oregon.

They also offer various leagues, including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more. If you’re looking for an easy way to bet on your favorite team without leaving your living room or office desk, then DraftKings Sportsbook is right up your alley. DraftKings Sportsbook accepts all major credit cards for deposits and withdrawals, including Visa and MasterCard.

However, if you don’t have an account with one of these banks, there may be limitations. This is mainly how much money you can deposit into your account. DraftKings Sportsbook also allows players to use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals, which is excellent news for anyone looking to make transactions anonymously without providing personal information or going through a lengthy verification process, as some other sportsbooks require.

FanDuel sportsbook Oregon

FanDuel is one of the best sportsbooks in the US, with millions of players across various sports. FanDuel is the largest sports betting site in the US, offering single- and multi-event wagers. It is also the most popular.

FanDuel’s mobile betting app is among the best for placing bets. FanDuel offers a wide range of betting options, including college football, college basketball, NFL football, etc. The site also has a variety of prop bets and futures options for bettors looking for something different than straight-up bets. FanDuel’s odds are posted using its proprietary Odds Tracker system, which includes real-time updates as games progress throughout the season.

PointsBet sportsbook Oregon

PointsBet is a popular sportsbook available in multiple states in the US. The platform is relatively new, having been launched in 2018. PointsBet offers 40 different sports to bet on, including both American and international leagues and competitions.

Some of the most popular games at PointsBet include basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. To place bets at PointsBet, users must first register for an account with the service. Once this has been done, they will be able to deposit funds into their account using one of several different methods. These include Visa and MasterCard debit cards and e-wallet services such as PayPal or Skrill (Moneybookers).

Users can also withdraw their winnings from their PointsBet account via these same payment methods once they have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold, which sits at $50 for Visa and MasterCard users. In contrast, those who wish to withdraw funds using Moneybookers will need to reach a minimum withdrawal amount of $100.

BetRivers sportsbook Oregon

BetRivers is an online sportsbook that offers a full range of betting options on sporting events. They offer live in-play betting and have recently added a mobile app for their customers. They are currently based in Oregon but licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada.

The website is easy to navigate, with many different types of bets available and several ways to place them. You can place your wagers using either your computer or mobile device. The website also has a chat feature that allows you to talk to other bettors while watching your favorite teams play. BetRivers has an excellent reputation in the online gaming community and offers various games, including poker, casino games, and sports betting.

They offer both live betting and mobile betting apps that allow you to place bets on your mobile device while on the go. The site can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, but it’s best viewed in full-screen mode to get the full experience. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with large images that make it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly.

BetMGM sportsbook Oregon

BetMGM is one of the newest online sportsbooks on the market right now. They are a company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and have been around since 2012. This site has been heavily focused on providing its customers with an excellent online gambling experience. They have a very high payout percentage on all their games with various betting options.

BetMGM offers many different wagers for all of your favorite sporting events. The site has been designed to be user-friendly to place your bets quickly and easily without any issues. The team at BetMGM Sportsbook Oregon wants to provide you with the best possible service while making sure that you have fun. The site has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to place bets just seconds after logging in.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about placing a bet or anything else regarding the site, there is always someone available to help answer any questions. BetMGM offers a wide range of betting options for sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. You can also bet on other events such as golf, MMA, tennis, and more. The site offers live betting on most major sporting events worldwide, including the Super Bowl and March Madness. If you enjoy watching games with friends while placing bets on each play, this is a site worth checking out!

Online sportsbooks are legal in Oregon, but at this moment DraftKings is the only licensed bookmaker operating in the state. DraftKings is the official partner of the Oregon Lottery and has been taking bets from Oregonians since January 2022.

The state has had a long history of being liberal when it comes to online gambling in Oregon. The most notable example is the state lottery that was established in 1984. The lottery was introduced so that Oregon could raise money for education and other programs.

How to sign up for an OR sportsbook

If you want to start betting on sports in Oregon, then you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an OR sportsbook – Start by choosing one of the legal sportsbooks in Oregon. Proceed by creating an account with your information, and verify your email address.
  2. Complete a deposit with one of their preferred payment methods – Most sportsbooks accept credit cards, e-wallets, or Bitcoin as payment options. Go ahead and make a deposit using the payment method you prefer.
  3. Visit the sports section and place your first bet – Once your account has been funded, it’s time to start betting. You will have access to hundreds of games every day and can even place bets during live sporting events if available on the sportsbooks.

Below is a list of popular teams available to bet on using Oregon sportsbooks:

  • Oregon Ducks – The Oregon Ducks have a national championship under their belt and have been to the College Football Playoff twice in three seasons. They have a punishing rushing attack and one of the best defenses in the Pac-12. Oregon has been a powerhouse in college football since the Chip Kelly era, but they’ve never been able to make it past the semifinal round of the CFP. With Justin Herbert at quarterback, they have a chance to change that this year. The Ducks are the third-most-popular team at sportsbooks behind Alabama and Clemson. Their odds of winning the national title are always high.
  • Oregon State Beavers – Oregon State is a public research university in Corvallis, Oregon. The university’s 295-acre campus is located approximately 60 miles from the larger cities of Portland, Salem, and Eugene. The university is also the alma mater of three Nobel Prize winners: two in Economics and one in Peace. The Beavers are members of the Pacific-12 Conference (Pac-12) and have won 27 national team championships, including four NCAA team championships. OSU also has won nineteen national collegiate club team championships. The school’s athletic teams are nicknamed “Beavers,” a reference to the abundant beaver population on the campus. They participate in Division I (NCAA) as part of the Pac-12 Conference.
  • Seattle Seahawks – The Seattle Seahawks are one of the most well-known teams in the NFL and have some of the most dedicated fans. They have a long history in the city of Seattle, dating back to 1976. The team has won many championships and is currently one of the best teams in the league. The Seahawks play their home games at CenturyLink Field, also known as “the CLink.” This stadium was built in 2002 and had a capacity of 67,000 people. It’s one of the loudest stadiums in all professional sports, and it’s certainly worth checking out if you’re in town for a game. If you want to bet on your favorite team, look beyond the best Oregon betting sites mentioned above. These Oregon sportsbooks offer you tons of options sportsbooks, including NFL betting lines on top games every week.
  • Portland Trail Blazers – Portland has been a hotbed for sports betting for years, and the Portland Trail Blazers are one of the most popular teams to bet on. The Blazers have been in existence since 1970, and they’re currently one of the best teams in the NBA. They’ve won seven division titles, four conference titles, and one NBA Championship title. The team is owned by Paul Allen and plays its home games at Moda Center (formerly known as Rose Garden). The Blazers have a rich history of great players like Clyde Drexler and Bill Walton but have struggled in recent years to win consistently. They’ve had some success recently under head coach Terry Stotts, however, has made it to the Western Conference Finals in 2016-17 before losing to the Golden State Warriors by four games to two. The Trail Blazers have played their home games at the Moda Center for years. This venue is known for its high-octane atmosphere, making it one of the best places to watch a game live.
  • Portland Timbers – The Portland Timbers have been one of the most successful teams in Major League Soccer since they joined the league in 2011. The Timbers have won two MLS Cup championships and made it to the final eight times in their six years as a franchise. They were also the first team from the Pacific Northwest to win an MLS Cup title after defeating Columbus Crew SC 4-2 on penalties back in 2015. As a result of their success on the pitch, Portland has become a popular team in sportsbooks worldwide. The Timbers are currently listed with high odds to win this year’s MLS Cup and have been given attractive odds to win it all next season. If you’re looking for a play on Portland this season, check out what most top Oregon sportsbooks offer.

Top sports to bet on in Oregon using sportsbooks

Below is a list of top sports available for bets when using sportsbooks in Oregon:

  • Baseball – Oregon sportsbooks offer baseball betting all season long, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to put your money where your mouth is and make some cash. You can bet on teams like the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and Chicago Cubs; these teams have rich traditions and plenty of history behind them. They’re also some of the best teams in Major League Baseball (MLB), so don’t be surprised if they show up in your favorite sportsbook.
  • Basketball – Basketball betting is also very popular in Oregon sportsbooks because there are. Hence, many ways to bet on it. You can choose between college or professional basketball games or even just pick up some individual players who you think will have big games. There are also several types of bets available for basketball betting: moneyline bets, spread bets, and over/under bets are just a few examples.
  • Football – Football is the most popular sport in the United States. It is also the most popular betting sport in Oregon. Football odds have been available at Oregon sportsbooks for decades, and the game has been a staple for gamblers since then. The NFL schedule is released in April, and bettors can start placing their bets on football lines. The NFL season runs from September through February. There are two main components of betting on football: spread and moneyline wagers. Spread betting allows you to predict whether your favorite team will cover the point spread set by the sportsbook. Moneyline wagers allow you to predict whether your favorite team will win straight up without worrying about the point spread. Both types of wagers have their advantages and disadvantages, but most people prefer moneyline bets because they provide better value when compared to spreads.
  • Hockey – Hockey is an extremely popular sport in Oregon, but it’s not available in every sportsbook. If you’re looking to bet on hockey at Oregon sportsbooks, make sure they have the NHL. The most popular hockey leagues are the National Hockey League (NHL) and the American Hockey League (AHL). The NHL also has a women’s league called the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL). There are also several minor leagues throughout America. The best way to find information about betting on hockey is by visiting licensed and regulated sportsbooks in the state.
  • Tennis – Tennis is a popular sport for betting, and there are many tennis matches available to bet on at Oregon sportsbooks. Tennis is an individual sport, but it also has team competitions like the Davis Cup and Fed Cup, which you can bet on at sportsbooks. Tennis can be a good way to make money on your favorite players or teams.
  • Nascar – Nascar is one of the most popular sports globally, and it has been for years. If you’re looking for a sport that everyone can enjoy, Nascar is your best bet. It’s also great for betting because there are so many bets available. You can bet on who will win the race, finishing in second place, losing positions, and even how many times the driver will crash during the race.
  • Golf – Golf is the most popular sport to bet on in Oregon. The PGA Tour has played a big role in this. It has attracted some top golfers in the world to compete in tournaments held at courses across the state. Many online sportsbooks offer to bet on golf. However, not all of them have the same payout percentages and odds for each match. It’s important to do your research before placing any bets so that you don’t end up losing money unnecessarily.
  • Soccer – Soccer is one of the most popular sports to bet on at sportsbooks. Soccer fans love to place bets on their favorite teams, and soccer odds will change from game to game. This depends on how well teams are doing, who is injured, and any other factors that can affect the game’s outcome.
  • Boxing – Boxing is a sport that allows you to bet on the outcome of individual matches. Boxing matches are scheduled according to weight class, with each fight having a specific number of rounds. There are two types of boxing bets you can make. The first type is a straight wager, which involves betting whether a fighter will win or lose. The second type is called an exotic wager, which allows bettors to wager on the outcome of specific round(s) and other variables such as who will knock out whom, who will win by decision, and even which fighter will be knocked down first.
  • MMA – MMA is a popular sport to bet on, and there are several reasons for this. MMA is considered one of the fastest-growing sports globally, and it’s also a great way to get involved in more physical competition. The UFC is one of the biggest entities in MMA, with fans from all over betting on matches during the regular season and playoffs. MMA betting is available at most sportsbooks, but it’s always best to check with them before making your wager. MMA odds are often listed on the same screen as boxing and other combat sports, so it should be easy to find them.

Below is a look at some of the popular bet types available in Oregon bookies:

  • Moneyline – Moneyline is one of the most popular betting types, and it comes in different variations. It means that you are betting on the outcome of a match without worrying about the spread. It is an easy way to get started with betting, and there are several options available to choose from. You can bet on who will win or lose, which team will score first or last, but you can also bet on whether a team will win by 1-0 or 2-1 or 2-1, etc. You can adjust the lines based on other factors, such as whether the match is played at home or away.
  • Totals (over/unders) – The totals (over/unders) bet is one of the most popular wagers that bookmakers offer. It’s a simple wager that’s a type of moneyline wager. This is where you predict whether the total points scored by both teams in a game will be over or under a specific number. The odds are usually offered in increments of 5 or 10 points, meaning if you bet on the ‘under,’ and the game ends with 45 points total, you win. If it ends with 50 points or more, then you lose. There are also propositions on top of total bets to make them even more fun and exciting to watch.
  • Point spreads – Point spreads are probably the most common type of bet offered by bookies. A point spread is a difference between the two teams’ scores at the end of a game. For example, if Team A is a 3-point favorite over Team B, you would need to bet on Team A to win by four or more points for your wager to be successful. You can also wager against the spread, which means you’ll win if your pick wins but lose if it loses by less than its designated margin of victory. If you are wagering on Team A to win by four or more points over Team B, and they only win by two points, you’ll lose that bet because they didn’t cover the spread.
  • Parlays – A parlay is a wager in which the bettor must correctly predict several outcomes. The gambler must specify how many outcomes they expect to be correct. The payout on a parlay is dependent upon the number of correct predictions. For example, if three picks are correct but one is incorrect, there will be no payout. If all four picks are correct, then there will be enough money paid out to make up for the losing pick and then some. A Parlay’s payout is determined by the number of winners in that particular parlay pool divided by the total number of bets placed in that pool. To win a parlay, you must select at least two teams in each game, and each team must cover its point spread or win outright.
  • Future bets – Future bets are a form of betting on the outcome of an event that will happen in the future. The odds on future bets are based on what the bookmaker expects to happen. Therefore, if you think a certain player will achieve something (like scoring goals), you can put money on it. A good example is “Player X scores a hat-trick.” If you think Player X will score three goals, you can bet on this happening before it does by placing your wager in advance. These are often called “in play” or “running.” Bets as they only become available when an event is happening live.

Tips for betting with sportsbooks in Oregon

Here are some tips for when betting with sportsbooks in Oregon:

  • Know your limits – A good way to avoid getting in over your head is by setting limits on what you can and cannot bet. Whether money or time, make sure that you know your limits before you get started.
  • Be responsible with your money – It is important to be responsible with your money when betting with betting apps in Oregon. If you do not have enough money to cover the cost of losing a bet, then it is best not to make that bet.
  • Research – Researching sports or teams is an important way to improve your chances of winnings.

Available bonuses & promotions at OR sportsbooks

Oregon sportsbooks always have awesome sports betting bonuses and promotions running to entice new betters and retain old ones. Check out some of the most common below:

  • No deposit bonuses – A no deposit bonus is a great way to try out a new book and see if it’s right for you. You can often get free money by signing up and depositing at other sportsbooks.
  • Referral programs – A referral program rewards you for bringing friends and family members into the fold. Sometimes these bonuses are pretty large. Therefore, don’t be afraid to share your information with friends who might want to start betting on sports but aren’t sure where or how.
  • Matched deposit bonus – A deposit match bonus is another great way to earn extra cash without spending any additional money on your own. It’s basically like getting a loan from the site, but instead of paying interest, they give back some of your initial investment in free bets.
  • Risk-free bets – Risk-free bets, also known as “free bets,” are a great way to start sports betting. Online sportsbooks offer these free wagers to encourage new customers to open accounts and try out their services.
  • Free betsFree bets are exactly what they sound like: free money that you can use to bet on sporting events. These offers vary by the bookmaker and can be as high as $500 or $1,000. They come with certain requirements, such as wagering requirements (usually around 50x). However, they are still well worth it.
  • Odds boosts – Odds boosts are free credits that allow you to increase your odds when betting on an event or series of events (such as a tournament). This can be extremely helpful if you want to back a long shot or underdog but don’t have enough capital to place sufficient bets at normal odds levels.

Payment methods available at Oregon sportsbooks

Below is a look at some popular payment methods available at Oregon sportsbooks:

  • Mastercard – Mastercard is a leading payment processor for sportsbooks. It offers the best security and protection for your account. Mastercard is mostly accepted at sites that accept Visa, another popular option.
  • Visa – Visa is another popular payment method because it’s accepted at many different places. You can use your Visa credit or debit card to place wagers on just about any book on the internet.
  • Discover – Discover is similar to Visa, except it’s not as widely accepted as a payment option at online gambling sites. Some books accept Discover, but others don’t. Hence, make sure you check before making a deposit.
  • American Express – The American Express Card is a common payment method for sportsbooks because they are accepted at most casinos and poker sites. You can use this payment option to deposit funds into your account and withdraw winnings.
  • PayPal – PayPal is one of the most popular e-wallet services today, with more than 200 million users worldwide. PayPal allows users to send money from their bank account or credit card directly to other accounts without entering any personal information about themselves or their recipient.
  • Venmo – Venmo is an app that lets you send money to friends via text messaging or mobile app. You can also send money from your Venmo account to someone who doesn’t have one using their email address or phone number. Some sportsbooks accept Venmo as a deposit method for players in the U.S.
  • Skrill – Skrill is one of the most popular online payment methods in sports betting. It’s a secure and fast way to send money online without worrying about your personal information being stolen.


Do online sportsbooks require ID verification to make wagers?

Yes, most online sportsbooks in Oregon will require ID verification to make wagers. In addition to verifying your age and location, they’ll also want to ensure that you are who you say you are. This simple process involves uploading an image of a valid photo ID or passport.

How can I find available sportsbooks for my preferred payment method?

You can find an available sportsbook with your preferred payment method in Oregon quite easily. If you have an account with one of our recommended sportsbooks, log in and look for your preferred deposit method under the “Deposit” section. If you don’t see your preferred method, try another site or two before giving up all hope.

What age do I need to be to register and bet on an Oregon sportsbook?

You need to be 21 years old to register and bet on an Oregon sportsbook. You must also be in good standing with the state of Oregon and all other jurisdictions that have laws that apply to your location.