Since its inception in Canada in 1999, Neteller has become one of the world’s most popular online payment processors. Because of its speed and security, it is one of the most popular payment methods among gamblers, which explains why there are so many Neteller betting sites in Oregon to choose from.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up and fund your Neteller account before leading you to the pros and cons of using Neteller betting sites in Oregon. Read on to learn what nettler is and the alternative payment methods that work similarly to Neteller.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an electronic money transfer service that was founded in 1999. It is part of the “Paysafe Group”, which also includes Skrill. Its corporate headquarters are in London, and it has offices all across North America and Europe. In its early days, Neteller handled payments for 85 percent of the world’s betting merchants, and online gaming transactions accounted for almost 90% of the company’s income at the time.

Many of Neteller’s early customers were residents of the United States, and the company sought to distance itself from the country, banning accounts of users in the country until exiting the market for good in 2007. Punters in Oregon can now use Neteller to deposit or withdraw funds from betting sites since online betting is now legal in the state.

Depositing with Neteller on Oregon betting sites

Depositing with Neteller on an Oregon gambling site is a straightforward process. Before you can deposit into your betting account, you will need to have or create a Neteller account. Once that is done, you can go ahead to the next section.

To deposit on OR sportsbooks using Neteller, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account at a betting site in Oregon that accept Neteller.
  2. Go to the banking or cashier section of the sportsbook.
  3. Select Neteller as your favorite mode of payment.
  4. Specify the amount you’d want to deposit.
  5. You’ll be sent to Neteller to complete the transaction.
  6. Now that you have money in your gambling account, it’s time to place a wager.

Withdrawing money to Neteller from OR betting sites

There are two steps in order to withdraw your winnings using Neteller at betting sites in Oregon. Below, we explain each step.

  1. Choose Neteller as the withdrawal option – If you want to withdraw any winnings from the Oregon sportsbook, the payout process is fairly identical to the deposit method. It’s as simple as selecting Neteller as your favorite payment option for withdrawals once you’ve signed into your betting account. After that, enter the amount you want to withdraw and click the confirm button.
  2. Transfer the funds from Neteller – From Neteller, you can transfer the money to your bank account and then use your bank account to withdraw cash or purchase anything online.

Advantages of using Neteller on sports betting sites in OR

As with any other payment method used when sports betting, Neteller both has its pros and cons. However, the advantages of betting online using Neteller much exceed the disadvantages.

  • Security – Using an e-wallet like Neteller adds an added layer of security and can provide bettors peace of mind. Neteller betting sites are well-known and trusted organizations that use high-level encryption to safeguard users from fraud. This can be reassuring for customers who are utilizing new sportsbooks for the first time and are hesitant to provide their banking details or credit card information.
  • Anonymity or privacy – There are a variety of reasons why gamblers prefer to keep their internet transactions private. Customers who use Neteller may play with confidence, knowing that invoices from their transactions to gambling websites will not appear on their account statements. Furthermore, several jurisdictions have prohibited payments to internet bookies, which e-wallets like Neteller allow you to avoid.
  • Flow of funds – Neteller enables rapid transfers of funds between betting accounts without the need to return funds to a customer’s bank account. This payment method simplifies matters for the savvy bettor who prefers to use multiple accounts to get the greatest odds. Money sent from wagering accounts to Neteller usually takes 1–24 hours to withdraw, which is substantially faster than other methods of payment.
  • Limits on deposits – The transaction limits are the same for all Neteller customers. However, if you’re a frequent client and achieve VIP status, you can request that your limitations be increased. The service handles these requests individually, but in general, it means you’ll be able to add more funds to your Neteller betting accounts as soon as you need them.
  • Widely accepted – Most betting sites in the state of Oregon are known to accept Neteller deposits and withdrawals
  • Easily keep track of your betting – It is very convenient to keep track of your spending limits when you are using Neteller at betting sites that accept Neteller.

Disadvantages of using Neteller on betting sites in Oregon

Below are some disadvantages to using Neteller on Oregon betting sites.

  • Transaction fees – Customers are charged fees by Neteller when they upload funds (certain methods such as bank transfers are free, however). These differ depending on the mode of payment. However, most sportsbooks nowadays do not charge when you deposit using a credit or debit card rather than an e-wallet, so bettors should keep that in mind. These fees, on the other hand, are minimal and well worth the safety of your money and personal information. Fees apply when funds are transferred from Neteller to a customer’s bank account.
  • Bonuses – Some Neteller betting sites do not give Oregon punters betting bonuses to Neteller users. The measure is aimed at a small group of people who try to trick the system by creating fake accounts. You can check the terms and conditions of the Neteller betting sites we recommend in this guide to see what bonuses you might be eligible for.
  • Verifying your Neteller account can take time – If there is some concerning information in your application, the verification process can take some time.

Alternatives to Neteller

Betting sites in Oregon have other payment methods available if you can’t use Neteller for any reason. Although we appreciate how simple Neteller makes betting transactions, we understand that the e-wallet may not be suitable for everyone. Thankfully, you can fund your betting accounts using a variety of different payment options. These include:

  • PayPal betting sites in Oregon – You may already have a PayPal account for online shopping, which is one of the major benefits of utilizing PayPal to fund your sports betting activity. If that’s the case, you can utilize PayPal in the exact same way as we discussed Neteller betting on this page.
  • Skrill betting sites Oregon – Despite the fact that Skrill is owned by the same firm as Neteller, it is significantly more widely recognized by betting sites. Skrill was founded in 2001 with the goal of catering to the online gambling industry in Oregon and elsewhere.
  • Venmo betting sites Oregon – Venmo is a PayPal-owned instant-pay, peer-to-peer money-transfer service. While PayPal sports betting deposits can now be made using the same techniques as Venmo deposits, many users prefer the latter due to its social networking features, which allow users to immediately share their purchase histories with their followers. Although Venmo transfers from your checking account typically take 1-3 business days to complete, there is an instant-pay option available. This comes with only a few more costs.


How fast will my deposit and withdrawals using Neteller hit my betting account?

Deposits to your betting account from Neteller are fast. However, you first have to deposit funds into your Neteller account from your bank account or using another method, which can take time to reflect in your Neteller account. It is advisable that you ensure that your Neteller account always has funds so that you can bet anytime you want.

Is Neteller safe to use on sports betting sites in Oregon?

Yes, Neteller is very safe to use at betting sites in Oregon. Over the last few years, Neteller has been increasingly popular in the sports betting business. Due to its quickness and security, it is a recognized online payment option that works well with online betting. The added security features such as the two-factor verification system ensure that your funds and personal information are always protected.

Does Neteller have an app to use?

Yes, the Neteller application is available for you to download and use on your Android and iOS devices. The simple, secure app allows you to play and pay online, receive and send money, use prepaid card services, and make quick, safe online transfers whenever you need them.