Oregon joined US states that allow online sports betting in August 2019. As a result, reputable operators entered the market. To catch the attention of clients, they provided sign-up bonuses as a way of appreciating their registration. This marketing strategy proved effective, and companies are even getting creative with the bonus as time goes by. Keep reading to learn more about welcome bonuses on Oregon sportsbooks.

What is a sign-up bonus?

A sign-up bonus is an offer provided to a new customer for opening an account with a betting site in Oregon. Some companies will give you the bonus after registration, whereas with some you will need to make your first deposit to enjoy the bonus. Sportsbooks include this information on the homepage. Hence, always visit a company’s site before signing up with them.

Companies use a sign-up bonus to entice prospective clients. However, this bonus option benefits customers as well. You can use it to bet on spots markets or play slots for free. Essentially, it helps you find your way around without risking your money.

Different types of sign-up bonuses at betting sites in OR

A sign-up bonus in Oregon can come in different ways. The common ones are deposit match bonuses, free bets, and free credits. Read more about the most common ones below:

  • Deposit match sign-up bonus – As the name suggests, with a deposit match bonus, your chosen operator will match your first deposit. For example, if your first deposit is $20, with a 100% deposit match bonus, your account will have $40. Using the same example, if the bonus was 50%, your account would have $30. The company also will specify up to the amount they can match. For instance, if a company has a 100% deposit match bonus up to $250, and you deposit $300, your account will be credited $550. It is important for operators to have this limit because it can be damaging to their business if they match deposits that reach thousands of dollars. You can use the additional money you receive from this bonus to place bets or play games. You can’t withdraw it. However, winnings made from it are withdrawable provided you meet the wagering requirements.
  • Free bet sign-up bonus – Another way in which you can receive a sign-up bonus in Oregon is as free bets or risk-free bets. With this bonus option, your first bet will be protected. This means that if you lose a bet, the sportsbook will refund you the money, hence the name ‘risk-free bet.’ Therefore, to enjoy this sign-up bonus in Oregon, you need to lose a bet. If you win your initial bet, it won’t impact your account. Your chosen sportsbook will specify up to what amount they can refund. For example, if a sportsbook has a $1000 risk-free bet, and you lose $1,100, you will only be refunded the stated amount. Thus, it is safe to wager within the stated amount. You can’t withdraw the reimbursed amount. It will be refunded as a site credit or free bet, which you can use to place wagers. However, any winnings you make from it are refundable.
  • No deposit sign-up bonus – The no deposit bonus is the most sought-after of them all. After registration, your account will have free credits that you can use to bet on sports or play casino games. The credits will be of a certain value.

How do referral bonuses work at OR betting sites?

A referral bonus works by your chosen Oregon betting app will create a promo code or link for you. If anyone joins registers using your details, you will receive a bonus, which can be site credit, free bets, and so on. However, companies always have conditions that your friend must meet before they can reward you. This can be making the first deposit or wagering a particular amount.

For this reason, you need to sign up with a sportsbook that has a practical referral program. You don’t want to spend hours convincing people to deposit huge amounts on a betting site for you to receive a bonus. It is more manageable to talk about the benefits and fun of a sportsbook that requires people to deposit a realistic amount.

In addition, it is easier to join a referral program that rewards both parties. Your friend also needs to feel like they are benefiting from the deal. A sportsbook that gives your friend enough time to make the deposit and bet using their bonus is also a plus.

Furthermore, some sportsbooks limit the number of referees an account can have. Undoubtedly, you want a company with a higher limit to get the best out of this bonus. Consequently, always go through the terms and conditions of the referral program of at least three operators to pick one that works for you. You can reach out to the customer support team if you have questions. To get a referral link, go to the ‘Promotions’ section on your sportsbook, and click the ‘Refer-a-friend’ bonus to generate a link or a code.

How to claim a sign-up bonus in Oregon

You can claim a sign-up bonus in Oregon by following these steps:

  • Using promo codes – The use of promo codes to claim Oregon online sports betting bonuses is common. Your chosen sportsbook will have the code on the homepage that you will enter in a designated area during the registration process to claim it. In some instances, the sportsbook will email the code to you. In the case of a deposit sign-up bonus, this code may not be available to you during registration. After your account has been verified and you have made the first deposit, you will receive the code.
  • Following a link to special promotions – Sportsbooks also use links to give clients the sign-up bonus in Oregon. With this option, you will receive the link through email. Click the link to activate the bonus. This option is also commonly employed with other special promotions. Sign-up bonus in Oregon usually has a validity period, which can be from a week to a month. Your code or link will expire after this period. Hence, if you are not ready to start placing bets, wait until you are to request the link to avoid missing out on the bonus. Additionally, some operators automatically activate the sign-up bonus. Thus, after meeting the prerequisites, whether it’s opening an account or making the first deposit, the bonus will be active without you performing any further actions.

Do retail sports betting venues in Oregon offer sign-up bonuses?

No, retail sports betting venues in Oregon don’t offer sign-up bonuses. Sign-up bonuses were primarily introduced to market online sportsbooks in Oregon. Besides, it is easier to spot a new visitor to a website than to a retail sportsbook.

Nonetheless, always check the website of a retail operator you plan to visit. They may have bonuses you can claim online and use in the physical locations. Retail sportsbooks have other unique promotions that can help you make huge wins. Thus, if you ever get a chance of visiting one, consider doing so.


What Oregon bookies offer sign-up bonuses?

Almost all bookies in Oregon offer sign-up bonuses. Examples are DraftKings, Caesars, PointsBet, FanDuel, Betway, BetMGM, and bet365, among others. All of them are reliable, therefore, you need to consider a few factors to find the most suitable one for you. This includes the range of sports markets, bet options, odds, features, payment methods, responsible gambling policies, and customer support options. You can reach out to each operator for more information.

Can I claim bonuses on multiple Oregon betting sites?

Yes, you can claim bonuses on multiple Oregon betting sites. You can open an account with more than one Oregon betting site and claim bonuses as long as you can run all of them responsibly. Besides, this gives you unique betting experiences on different sites. Also, you will have access to a wide array of sports markets, bet types, and odds. However, you can't have two accounts on one betting site. If your sportsbook discovers you are running more than one account, all of them may be terminated.

How do I claim winnings from a sign-up bonus in Oregon?

To claim winnings from a sign-up bonus in Oregon, you need to go to the 'withdraw' page, enter an amount, choose your preferred payment method, and send a request. Your chosen sportsbook will process the withdrawal within hours or days, and then you can access your winnings. However, you need to meet some requirements before you can claim your winnings. First, you should have reached the site's withdrawal limit. Also, you need to have fulfilled the wagering requirement within the validity period of the bonus.